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It took me way too long to finish the coloring on this job! :gonk:


Well I did something a while ago in order to impress Trish and ended up getting hooked in the process. Yes, I admit it. I have a :shudder: MySpace page. Oh, Goons, I fail. Oh, well, at least so far I've managed to avoid the super heavy drama by sticking to people I know from RL as friends, but I'd love to have my readers drop me a line. At least with the bulletins, I'd be able to let everyone know when the comic has updated.


So, yeah whatever, if you guys have a second to spare and are already stuck on this BS, drop me a line. The URL is and while you're at it check me out here


And here it is your moment of Zen...

On a stick.

Drowin Baenre ( <(>.>)>



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